Gamedevelopment videos

Game Artificial Intelligence

This is a Game Artificial Intelligence assignment I made for school. It's made with C#.

It demonstrates several steering behaviours, path planning (A*), goal driven behaviour, and fuzzy logic.


This sidescroller is made with C++ and Win32.

I was part of a team of six students. Together we developed this game in seven weeks.

At the start of this project, none of us had any previous experience with C++. This made it a interesting challenge.

Physics Test

This is a physics test for a game I am working on.
Made with Monogame.

Level Editor

This is my level editor. It is made with C#.

The black and red colors represent the direction in which the collision detection will work. A black horizontal line functions as ground, a red horizontal line functions as a ceiling. A black vertical line as a left wall, etc.

3D Drawing

This was an assignment for school. It is made with XNA and DirectX.

MonoGame Multiplayer Sidescroller

This is a prototype of a game I am working on. I added multiplayer to test how this works.

MonoGame Sidescroller

This is a prototype of a game I am working on.

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